International Students in FUIST|Younes’s “Chinese Dream”
date:2020-01-12 16:17:41

Part oneAbout Younes

Hello everyone, my name is Younes BENJELLOUL, a man who from MOROCCO of north Africa. So far I have High school diploma (life and earth sciences), and technical university degree in computer science. And I can speak five languages, Arabic, French, English, Amazigh, Spanish. Come to China, I will study Chinese well, hope Chinese can be my sixth language!


Part two: Before coming China

When I was a kid, I was addicted to Kungfu movies, one day I asked my father “where can I learn this Martial art ”, he answered me “in the amazing China ”. From that moment I started to discover all about China, where is it, and how can I go to this country. After all my research I knew that I should have my high school diploma first, and maybe I can continue my studies there. Exactly, I graduated from high school and got my diploma, also obtained my technical university degree in computer science. In this process, I learned more knowledge. China is not only "Chinese Kung Fu" for me, I want to know China more comprehensively, and finally it's time to achieve my Chinese dream.



Part three: Coming China

 After a very long exhausting travel, finally I arrived at Hong Kong, China. It’s totally different than my country, there are a lot of people, everyone is focused on their phone, everybody is in a hurry, time is precious.


When we arrived to Fuzhou, we found two guys and one girl waiting for us, JAKE and DAVID and Wu Yi, we went out of the speed train station to our university. It’s a very beautiful district, there is a lot of light and the air is very clean, Fuzhou between the TOP 3 cities in China cleanliness side, because I noticed that there is a lot of electric motorcycle, more than car and gasoline motorcycle, but even if there an significant percentage of car and gasoline transportation the air of Fuzhou is very clean. More than that, we found a lot of things that we need to have a good life here like some restaurant halal, because of our religion we can’t eat all the Chinese foods, but we were very happy to found some places where we can eat comfortably.And also, many scenic views that make man feel comfortable.


Part three: Life in FUIST

We are like a family here, different country, different nationality, but like if we are coming from the same country, we understand each other so well. For the Chinese people, they are so helpful and also respectful, they made this place feels like home to me.

At present,there are many happy things for me, celebrated Halloween with Chinese friends, participated in the sports meeting. Especially the first time for sports meeting, we boys and girls in Morocco performed and danced. I am very proud and happy to hear everyone's applause. It's worth training for so long! During the sports meeting, I took part in the triple jump and 200m running, and achieved good results in 200m running. During training, I sprained my back, but in order to perform and compete, I insisted, because in my belief is never give up! I also hope that it can inspire people to do what they want to do.

Finally, in the future, I will study professional knowledge, learn Chinese well, get along well with teachers and classmates, actively help others, and actively participate in class activities! I love CHINA !