School of Economics & Management

TheSchoolof Economics&Management(SEM) at Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade (FUIST) comprisesfive departments: Department of International Economics and Trade, Department of Economics and Statistics, Department of Logistics Management, Department of Marketing and Department of Asset Evaluation.The School currentlyhasthefollowing fiveundergraduatemajors:International Economics and Trade, Economic Statistics, Logistics Management, Marketing and Asset Evaluation. At present, there are more than 3,400 students in theSchool. It is a large-scale secondary school with strong strength and distinctive academic features in FUIST.

The School of Economics & Management is the council unit of the China Association of International Trade,the vice president unit of the Fujian Provincial Foreign Economics & Trade Association and the Setup Unit of Warning Points for Economic and Trade Friction under China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. In recent years, SEM is undertakingtwo provincial application-orientedprojectsand oneprovincialvirtual simulation experiment teaching project.SEM alsohas tworesearch bases for humanities and social sciences researches in universitiesin Fujianprovince,twoprovincialexemplaryapplication-oriented specialtyclusters,and one provincial teaching team,threeprovincialpilot programs forteaching reform ofinnovation and entrepreneurship,onepilot program for Fujian comprehensive reformand two featured programs serving forFujianindustries. SEM also houses three centers forprovincial experimental teaching demonstration andtwoprovincial practice teaching bases.

The School of Economics and Managementcollaborates withOrientalLogistics Group tojointly buildthe Chaojie International Logistics College and establishedthe FreshBusinessSchool with FujianFreshModern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. In addition,togetherwithabout 60 enterprises, such asLijia Industrial (Fujian) Group Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Shunbang International Trade Co., Ltd.,Fujian Huatong Market Research Co., Ltd., Jingdong Group (, EMS, SF Express, Zonstar,and JAVELIN,SEM isestablishingoff-campus practicalteaching basesfor students. It integratesintra-curricularactivities, graduation internships, graduation thesis, employmentwithenterprises to achieve a win-win model of talent cultivation andenterprisedevelopment. In the process of development, the School of Economics&Management closely followsFUIST’s school-running ideas and development goals. SEMadopts the strategicoutline:Teaching andResearchServe theLocalEconomy.And now, SEMhasstridden intothetrack of maturity and standard.