Overview of Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade

Fuzhou University ofInternationalStudies and Trade (FUIST) is a full-time undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. Founded in 2004, it isaninitiator and ViceChairman of the Non-profit Private University Alliance,andthe Executive Vice Chairman of the Higher Education Professional Committee of the China Association for Non-Government Education. FUISThas beenauthorized tograntmaster's degrees and designated asafirst-classapplication-orienteduniversity in Fujian Province.Forthe past twoconsecutiveyears, FUIST wasrated as a six-startop Chineseprivate universityintheChinese University Ranking released by cuaa.net,with its overall ranking placingfourth in the Chinese private universities.It has alsomaintainedits position as the top private university in Fujian Province for years.

FUISTspans over 2,400muwith a campus building area of over 650,000 square meters. The university has teaching instruments and equipment worth over RMB126 million, and its library holds a collection of over 3.5 million volumes. In addition, there are over 160 teaching laboratories and more than 400 off-campus training bases.

Basedin FujianProvince while extending its reach nationwide,FUISTfully upholds implements the educational policies of the Party and remains steadfast in its pursuit of socialist education. The university is dedicated to the task of fostering virtue through education. Inspired by the belief of its founder, Mr. Wu Qinming, that“education is an act of great love”, FUIST actively advocates the educational philosophy of“Benevolence in Mind, Expression and Action”. It has forged a guiding spirit captured in its motto of“being thoroughly acquainted with Chinese and foreign civilization and put what have been digested into practice”, while cultivating a commendable school atmosphere characterized by“Uphold Morality, Study Diligently, Seek Truth and Make Innovation”.

FUIST activelyfostersacoordinated development of various disciplines,including literature, economics, management, arts, engineering and education.Offering atotal of 40 undergraduate majors, it boasts2provincial-level key disciplines in foreign language andliterature and business administration,2provincial-level first-class applied disciplines in finance and international business, and4provincial-level applied disciplines,including applied economics, business administration, foreign language and literature, and management science and engineering. The university comprises 9 schools, including the School of Foreign Languages, International Business School, School of Finance and Accounting, School of Finance, School of Big Data, School of Intelligent Construction, School of Art and Design, School of Education, and School of Marxism. There are teaching platforms such as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy. Currently, the university has more than 21,000 full-time undergraduates enrolled.

FUISTvigorously implements the“quality-oriented”development strategy and is committed to deepening educational and teaching reforms. It currently has 4 majors recognized as national first-class specialty construction programs, including logistics management, accounting, e-commerce and international economics and trade, 7 majors as provincial first-class specialty construction programs, 4 majors as provincial-level characteristic specialty programs in service industry, 4 majors as provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot programs, and 2 undergraduate majors as provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs. FUIST also offers 6 national first-class courses and 67 provincial first-class courses. It has been approved by the Ministry of Education for 1 research and practice project in new liberal arts and 64 collaborative education projects between academia and industry. In addition, it has been approved for 59 provincial-level teaching reform projects and 19 provincial-level experimental teaching base projects. FUIST has also been awarded 9 teaching achievement awards for higher education at provincial level.

Committed to promoting a“talent-driven”development strategy, FUIST adheres to a three-pronged approach of“cultivating, attracting and recruiting talents”. Through initiatives such as“Double-Hundred Talents Program”and“Talent Attraction Program”, the university has been actively attracting exceptional individuals. At present, the university has a well-structured faculty team led by nationally and provincially recognized teachers, who possess both moral character and professional competence, and demonstrate excellent qualities. There are over 1,300 full-time and part-time teachers, with more than 80% holding master's degrees or higher, and more than 40% possessing senior professional titles. There are experts entitled to special government allowances from the State Council, teachers honored with the titles of“Outstanding People's Teacher in Fujian”,“Teaching Masters in Higher Education of Fujian Province”and“Excellent Teachers in Fujian”, talents introduced by the“Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Program”in Fujian, high-level ABC talents introduced to Fujian, talents introduced by the“Hundred Talents Program”for high-level talents from Taiwan to Fujian, specially-appointed professors and lecture professors who are awarded the title of“Minjiang Scholars”, and talents introduced by the program for“New Century Excellent Talents”in Fujian and the“Program for Cultivation of Outstanding Young Scientific Research Talents”for higher education institutions in Fujian Province. Additionally, the university has also employed more than 80 foreign teachers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Taiwan, China.

Leveraging the research function of the university,FUISTalways adheres to the “four orientations”, andactively integratesitselfinto national strategies and local economic and social development. It has established 16 research institutions, including Fujian University Engineering Research CenterforModern Service Industry, Fujian Open Economy and Trade Research Center, and Fujian-Taiwan Industrial Collaboration and Management Innovation Research Center.Moreover, FUISThas been approved for over 1,000 research projects at all levels, over 180of which aremajor, key and general research projectsatnational and provinciallevelssponsored bythe National Natural Science Foundationof China, the National Social Science Fundof China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund, and provincial-level humanities and social science projects. It hasalsobeen granted 972 patents, published over 70 academic works as chief editor, andcontributedmore than 4,300 papers in various journalsindexed bySCI, SSCI, CSSCI, CSCD, EI, etc.

As itplaces a great emphasis on fostering students' capabilitiesofinnovation and entrepreneurship,FUISThas built anUndergraduateInnovation and Entrepreneurship Park covering an area of 8,600 square meters. Currently, there are 218 national-level and 374 provincial-level training programs forundergraduateinnovation and entrepreneurshipoperated in the Park.FUISThas beensuccessivelyawarded prestigious honors,such asone ofthe “Top50 National Exemplary Universities for Innovation and Entrepreneurshipin2017byMinistry of Education”,“National Advanced Unit in Entrepreneurship Education Research and Practice in InstitutionsofHigher Education” and “Comprehensive Award for DemonstrationSchool ofInnovation and Entrepreneurship Education in National Private Universitiesand Colleges(granted toonly 16 private universitiesand colleges in China)”.

FUISThas made significant efforts to promote internationalizedopen education. Itisthe first private undergraduate university in Fujian Province authorized toadmitinternational students, as well as the first private university with thequalificationto enroll undergraduate students from Hong Kong, Macaoand Taiwan. It is also among the pioneering institutionsin China forcooperative educational initiatives with universities in Taiwan,and is awarded the title ofoverseas Chinese languageand cultureeducationbase inFujian. Furthermore,FUISThasalsobeen acknowledged as an outstanding unit forrecruitingforeign cultural and educational expertsin Fuzhou. Notably, it is the seconduniversityinChinato launch a Sino-foreign collaborative program in fashion and apparel design with an Italian university.In addition, FUISThas established fruitful partnerships with over 30 reputable international institutions, including Plymouth University, Massey University and Wayne State University. These collaborations encompass a wide range of activities such asintegrated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program, student exchanges,etc. In particular, the undergraduate programoffashion and apparel design offeredtogetherwith the Syracuse Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Italy is an officially approved Sino-foreign cooperative educationprogramratified by the Ministry of Educationof the People’s Republic of China.FUISTactively involved in promoting study abroad programs in China and enrolling international students from countries along the “Belt and Road”initiative.In the past two years, it has enrolled more than 160 students from countries, such as Morocco, Liberia, Guinea, Vietnam, Nepal, Laos, Mongolia, etc.

Throughthejointeffortsof the entirefaculty and students,FUISThas earned a commendable reputationin society.It hasbeen honored with prestigious titlessuch as“Excellent Institution of Higher EducationinChina's Private Universities”,“National Model Workers' Home”,“Fujian CivilizedSchool”in the10th, 11th and 12thevaluations,“Fujian Civilized Campus”in the1st and2nd evaluations,“AdvancedUnit for Employment of College Graduates in Fujian Province”,“Advanced UnitforVocational Education in Fujian Province”,“May 1st Labor Certificate of Fujian Province”,“Advanced Faculty Home in Fujian Province”,“Outstanding Contribution Award” at the inaugural National Youth Gamesand“Safe Campus”.FUIST's educationalendeavorshavebeen widely coveredfromvarious perspectives byrenowned media outlets such as CCTV, the official website of the Central People's Government, the websiteofTaiwan Affairs Officeof the State Council, Guangming Daily, China EducationDaily, People’s Daily Online,GMW.cnand China Economic Net.

Looking ahead to the future,FUISTwill continue its efforts to become a high-levelapplied universitythat excels inprominentadvantages, distinctive characteristics and adaptable mechanisms, thereby positioning itself among the topinstitutionsof its kind nationwide.

(Data as of November 2023)