School of Marxism

Established on April 11, 2017 by the integration of the Teaching Sector of Marxism-Leninism Studies, the Center of Theoretical Research on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the Research Center of Zheng Zhenduo and Minhai Culture, and the Science and Technology and Social Research Center, the School of Marxism was the first private School of Marxism in Fujian Province. The School is mainly engaged in teaching of ideological and political theories and scientific research in the field of philosophy and socialsciences.

Professor Zheng Youxian, a doctoral tutor,Outstanding Expert of Fujian Province and National Advanced Individual in Theoretical Preaching, acts as the dean of the School. At present, the School has 43 full-time and part-time teachers, including 22 with senior titles, accounting for 51%, and 7 withintermediate titles,accounting for 16%. The School consists of 5 teaching and research sections, namely the Teaching and Research Section of Basic Principles of Marxism, Teaching and Research Section of An Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Teaching and Research Section of Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation, Teaching and Research Section of Essentials of Chinese Modern History, and Teaching and Research Section of Situation and Policy. Following the guiding principles of relevant national and provincial documents, the School has set up 5 public compulsory courses of ideological and political theories and public elective courses such as “Politics for Graduate Entrance Examination”, “Interpretation of ‘Key Words’ of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese CharacteristicsforA New Era”, “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture”, “Cultural and Historical Celebrities in Fujian and Taiwan”, and “Beauty and Life”, offering education of ideological and political theories to more than 16,000 undergraduates. In recent years, the School hasstrengthened teaching reform,and has obtained approval for a number of reform projects such as provincial innovative teaching team and provincial online premium courses, realizing the reform of “4s” teaching mode and “experiential” teaching mode. Besides, the School has strived to improve the level of scientific research. Teachers havepresided over 3 humanities and social science fundsof the Ministry of Education, published more than 100 papers in the such periodicals asJournal of Ideological & Theoretical Education,Southeast Academic Research,Fujian Forum, andJournal of Fuzhou University, and published many monographs such asThe Frontier Research on the Development of Marxism in China in theNew Era, Perspective on the Ideological Method ofSinicizationof Marxism,andTheoretical and Practical Approaches to Innovation-Driven Development Strategy.

With moral education as the fundamental task, the School has strengthened the theoretical arms with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, enhanced thought-oriented leadership, and fulfilled dual functions, aiming to promote the construction of Marxist theoretical disciplines, to enhance the teaching effectiveness of ideological and political theories, and to serve national and local economic and social development. The School also adheres to serving students, the society and the country, and strives to follow the path of connotative development, aiming to make the School become a research center of Marxism theory in private colleges and universities of the whole province and even the whole country as well as a think tank and highland of ideological education and ideological publicity.