Department of Foundational Education

The Department of Foundational Education of Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade is a teaching department in charge of public fundamental courses and public elective courses of the University. The Department consists of four teaching and research sections, namely Teaching and Research Section of Chinese Language, Teaching and Research Section of Mathematics, Teaching and Research Section of Physical Education, and Teaching and Research Section of Military Training, which are in charge of the following courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, College Chinese, University Sports, Military Theory, and Public Electives. The Department also undertakes the teaching tasks for mathematics tutorial classes for postgraduate qualifying examination, academic tutorial classes, Chinese language classes for international students, as well as the organization and assistance of students' physical health tests and sports activities.

The Department has 28 faculty and staff members, including 26 full-time teachers and 2 teaching administrators. Reasonable in title structure, the full-time faculty is comprised of 1 professor, 9 associate professors, 15 lecturers and 1 assistant lecturer, who are conscientious with active academic ideas and strong sense of innovation. The Department strengthens the teaching organization and the monitoring of teaching quality, and advances the curriculum construction comprehensively. It has set up sub-committees for teaching guidance, groups for listening to and evaluating lectures, and teaching teams to improve the monitoring and guarantee system of teaching quality.

As a University department for teaching management of public fundamental courses, the Department of Foundational Education is primarily responsible for the following matters: I. Organize the teaching program management, teaching organization management, teaching quality control and other work of each course, so as to lay a basis for improving the quality of talent training; II. Strengthen the construction of teaching staff, and improve the ideological and political literacy, professional teaching skills and scientific research literacy of teachers in a planned manner, thus propelling curriculum construction in an all-round manner. Rich in teaching experience and solid in basic knowledge and professional knowledge, the Department faculty will, as always, explore new teaching ideas and methods for improving the teaching quality which they deem as the lifeline. They will be committed to cultivating students’ capabilities as well as promoting their physical and mental development, turning them into application-oriented talents with sound professional quality and strong practical ability that meet the needs of economic and social development.